Basic Rules

In the clockwork system a D12 is used for all rolls and, there are no fails, only degrees of success:

T1 (Tier 1):         Result of 1 through 9                Barely Passing

T2 (Tier 2):         Result of 10 through 19            A Solid Success

T3 (Tier 3):         Result of 20 through 29            Phenomenal!

T4 (Tier 4):         Result of 30 or more                  Beyond Human


A natural roll of '1' gains no positive bonuses from anything but can still receive negative modifiers

A natural roll of '12' explodes (i.e. roll another D12 and add that to your score too)







<u>Action Points</u>

In combat each player turn consists of a number of actions up to a maximum of the players Action Points (starting characters have 3 APs).  Below are the most common actions and the AP cost:


<u>Hit Points and Wounds</u>



Basic Rules

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