Welcome to the World of Tomorrow!

Session 4

GM: Andrew – Bayushi Crom


Jimmy – Jacob Stryker (Juicer)

Dustin – Daniel Smith (Combat Cyborg)

Jason – Cypher Cain (Techno-Wizard)



Coalition States – Rate 3

Threat 0 

Time 1

Federation of Magic – Rate 3

Threat 1

Time 2

Refugee Crisis – Rate 4

Threat 0

Time 1

Unknown – Rate 4

Threat 0

Time 3




Rifts Earth celebrates Freezaday, where they literally celebrate the one true lord Freeza and how he brought order to the universe. "Don't worry guys this mass will only be five minutes."

Take up a mission to go help repair a teleporter pad in the town of Tairee which is 550 miles away, and the town was also suffering from a disease. So they brought along the medic Arrontyr. They arrived to find Mayor McCheese and his councilman Grimace. Tairee is a holy site for Freezuits because the orange box holy texts (Dragonball dvds) were found there. 

They assisted Arrontyr in finding out that the disease was magically created but naturally spread. During the time they spent administering the cure a Splugorth Slaver attacked, which they pasted it in one round. Afterwards they discovered that the teleportation pad had an evil rune on it shutting it down, made of mixed magical traditions. They interrogated the pad's spirit and found it was a four-eyed DBee which had placed the rune on the pad and reversed the energy flow. They could not stop it, so they began questioning local DBees and found the being who had placed the rune on the pad.

The DBee had been instructed by the evil wizard Jahir, a Federation of Magic spellcaster, to place the rune or he would die. Cypher used magic to 'ping' the location of Jahir in his traveling caravan.


JiveProfessor JiveProfessor

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