Welcome to the world of Tomorrow, a world of collaboration, ingenuity and progress.  A world where all work together to create a brighter future and embrace the power of aether.


The game will use the Tephra Clockwork ruleset but with some modifications (a streamlined version of the core rules and an adaptation of the 'steampunk' like skills in order to fit the world of Tomorrow). See the wiki for the details.


General info for players:

> The world of tomorrow is a place of progress and enlightenment; the system being used doesn't have rolls that fail, only different degrees of success

> There will be no defined 'bad guy' in the story. Players may become involved with different groups or factions whose approach to the same goal differs and it is for the players to decide how or if they help/hinder each

> The player characters will not be the main protagonists in the story. They can influence the direction and outcome but are not superheroes swooping in to save the day

Welcome to the world of Tomorrow!

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